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Young Hopefuls

Foto: Mária Švarbová

Open Air Foto Festival introduces young talented photographers from participating countries to the wide public. Selected artists are introduced in the media and presented in form of exhibitions and projections in OAFF. At the same time, they are invited to the festival and activelly involved into the programme (workshops, photo assistants, discussions), and thereby they gain contacts and experience.

The artistis, who will be chosen by the Festival Arts Council members, will cooperate with organizers also after the festival: they will be invited to the next year of the festival, this time in the role of senior photographers, who will be in charge of their own photo stages. At the same, they will demonstrate to visitors their artistic development they will have gone through two years since they were chosen in the first nomination. 

During OAFF 2015, there were young artists from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Norway.

Check out the montage of award-winning artists and their works in 2015 in this special film.