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International Meeting of Photo Clubs

International Meeting of Photo Clubs is taking place also this year, in the Luna cinema. Do you know what to expect when you register your club in time?

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Autor: FOTOLAB.cz


  • A base of photo clubs will be in the Luna cinema

The revitalized cinema Luna offers suitable premises for the International Meeting of Photo Clubs, which, same as last year, enriches the festival programme.  The official ceremonial Meeting will take place on Friday. 5.6.2015, in the afternoon/evening hours (to be specified soon). Meet your colleagues, interconnect your activities, and evaluate your photographs. 

  • Programme

Presentations of particular photo clubs will be shown in a screening room with top-quality equipment. An introductory speech will be delivered by a closely cooperating photo club FotoKrumlov; a part of the programme will be also ceremonial vernissage of photo clubs work exhibition.

  •  Exhibition

The exhibition, vernissage of which will take place within the International Meeting of Photo Clubs, will be  installed in premises of the Luna cinema. The exhibition with work of members of registered photo clubs will be lasting for the whole month. Photo clubs can present their work not only to festival visitors but also to the wide public. Choice of photographs entirely depends on photo clubs.
The theme is Man and addiction.

  • Private taking photo

Only members of registered photo clubs have the chance to participate in a special non-public event – unique taking photos in selected location, before starting the Saturday photogenic programme.

  • Conditions of participation

Participation in the Meeting is free.  The members only arrange and pay for transport and accommodation. The official city website gives tips on accommodation.

  • Does your photo club want to take part in the Meeting?

GET REGISTERED BY THE END OF APRIL AT produkce@foto-festival.cz with following data:

Name of photo club
Number of participants

  •  In addition to participation, would you also like to exhibit photos or present yourself?

Exhibition criteria:

- size of space or photo frame or 70x50 (width x height)
- this "poster" = It is possible to combine various sizes and number of photographs, high quality printing
- content = photographs in the theme Man and addiction + kurikulum of photo club: logo, name, brief history, achievements, max. number of characters 500 incl. spaces
- These "posters" will be displayed in the cinema with many people moving there. 
Please show consideration for children´s audience.

Criteria for prezentation:
- Please send your presentation on external media (DV D, flash) in PowerPoint without timer. You will handle your contributions on your own.
- length max.8 minutes – possibility of projection or projection with introduction 



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