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ART ROOM - competition for photogenic ideas

During the first year at one of the locations linking photos to the processes and outcomes of art students. And as part of this programme met with success, we decided to call for competition of secondary and higher vocational schools ART ROOM in the second year of the festival. Not only students could express the main theme of 2015, which was „Man and addiction“, but selected works will be the finals of the festival programme components.

Check out the montage of 2015 award-winning artists and their works in this special short film.

Final artworks - category A - Photogenic works HERE
Final artwork - category B - Photographs for exhibition HERE

Foto: Archiv OAFF




A significant part of photogenic scenes is created by art school students (i.e. potential future professionals) within the ART ROOM competition. Students of high school of arts and colleges create photogenic works in the year´s theme; the final works are placed within the festival in premises and streets of Český Krumlov and so introduced to the wide public. In following months after festival, photos of these works will tour within the Confrontational exhibition in galleries of involved countries.  


During the festival students present their work as well as themselves – they are compared with opinions on their work from other students, foreign teachers, renowned professionals, jury and visitors. They gain insight and contacts, so they will be able to visit lectures and workshops by renowned authors, to meet personally with the professional jury and all the artists, to see their exhibitions, participate in a special programme and meetings of schools.


The first year of the ART ROOM competition took place in 2014-2015. Under the motto “Create and shoot" in the year´s theme Man and addiction, the students were supposed to invent the concept, to create a work, and then take a picture of it. Free installations, costumes, photo stages, decorations, performances and video art – in all these ways the students could view the topic of addiction.

There were registered 74 students collectives from almost 30 schools from Czech Republic and Slovakia. Then 14 artworks moved to the finals. These works were exhibited in the environment of Český Krumlov within OAFF 2015. The  Confrontational exhibition presenting different views of the same final works (photography taken by students, professionals, and visitors of OAFF 2015) tours around Czech and Slovak galleries from October 2015 to May 2016 (estimated total attendance of 40,000 people)


The second year of the ART ROOM competition will be announced in September 2016 in all participating partner countries. Participation is open to students and teams from all secondary and schools and colleges from partner countries.

In January 2017, there will be national rounds with the national expert jury, from which the finalists for the international round (3-5 artworks from each country) will come. Students – the finalists bring their work to Český Krumlov in June 2017, where these works will be exhibited in the public spaces of the city, presented to festival visitors and professionals, and will bring the final fight for the first place. The international jury will be composed of representatives of all international partners.