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The only festival made for YOUR camera

No matter if you are a beginner, hobby or professional photographer, you should not miss photographical opportunities in amazing Český Krumlov (UNESCO). You will meet interesting personalities from Czech and from abroad, you will try technical miracles and pick up some tricks from professionals. Inspiring exhibitions and photogenic stories from street art to nude will be available wherever you will go. The Open Air Foto Festival is a celebration of photography; a real festival where you don’t let your camera go of your hands for the whole weekend.

  • A unique concept that you don’t find around the world
  • Conditions for good photos – professional background, calm, and quality content
  • Many photo locations, genres, and models in the historic centre of the town

Latest news

Changes in preparations.

15. 1. 2018
There are important changes in preparation of the third edition of Open Air Foto Festival. We have made decision to postpone the festival from June 2018 unterminated term. more »

Celebration of photography and film at summer cinema in Prague

8. 6. 2016
On Tuesday, June 14 there will be a celebration of inseparable siblings - photography and film in Prague. This evening is prepared together by OAFF, Czech Press Photo, the National Film Archive, festival Photosphere and Summer cinema Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (Freight Railway Station Žižkov). This all leads to one goal – interesting accompanying programme. What can you look forward to? more »

Czechs succeeded in OAFF Photo Award. How does it Marek Juras feel?

19. 5. 2016
We have already informed you that three Czech photographers succeeded in international photographic competition OAFF Photo Award 2016. But what was the reaction of those who achieved prestigious titles? We asked them for you. The first one, who shares his feelings about his success, is Marek Juras, holder of title FIAP Blue Ribbon for his photo “Exhibit”. more »

Calamity in High Tatras brought Ján Zahornacký an international title

11. 6. 2016
Don´t worry, this is not the current weather forecast. Photo "Calamity - High Tatras 2004" created by Ján Zahornacký from Kroměříž, Czech Republic brought him FIAP Blue Ribbon title in international photographic competition OAFF Photo Award in category "Natural Forces. He managed to succeed among many foreign competitors and became the third Czech who reached the title. Congratulations. more »

Petr Strbačka and his Tuscany 2011 Fogs reached the OAFF Photo Award title

3. 6. 2016
Another of three Czechs, who succeeded in worldwide competition of international competition OAFF Photo Award 2016 is Peter Strbačka. He reached among the best ones with his picture “Tuscany 2011 Fogs” in Open Color category and won FIAP Bronze Medal. What was his immediate reaction after achieving such success? more »

Adventurer and sportsman. Meet OAFF Photo Award 2016 best photographer

26. 4. 2016
Sergey Agapov from Russia became this year´s OAFF Photo Award best photographer. Jurors gave him a prestigious title FIAP Best Author. Do you want to know more details about this successful artist? more »

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