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Festival theme


How and what all  may we be addicted to? Which form can addiction have and how photography can express it? 

Foto: Museum Seidel

There can be two faces of addiction.  The natural and healthy one, when a little baby needs its parents, just as a plant needs water and sun. The one, which is generally perceived as harmful and pathological is often artificial, substituting something what a man misses. Let’s forget about drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. You can develop this creeping thief of time and health even to favourite things such as sport, travelling, sex, tarots, or photography.

What is addiction?
Connecting point of all „unhealthy“addictions is a moment where you can’t imagine your life without existence of a certain thing, situation, or a person. You are loosing your true self. You  eat to get rid of emptiness, chase loneliness away on social networks, throw the inability of self-realization to a gambling machine,  look for sense of life in buying a new jumper or watching a TV hero, or you are  fascinated by your  counterpart so much that you forget who you really are. You don’t experience unpleasant feelings, inner uncertainty, failures, and pain. Although you know consequences, you don’t stop, you are entrapped, sick. And what happens when you get rid of addiction? Usually, your wasted time comes back and you find yourself again. 

Addiction as inspiration for photography
In any case, addiction is a theme to be discussed. We can see it from various points of view – psychological, philosophical, social, natural, or just artistic one. And this is what we like. Our aim is not to present any dogma to visitors. We want to inspire them to create, to enhance their fantasy, originality, and to move them to think and ask questions. What is the difference between a habit and an addiction?  Is it possible to find something positive, useful, or even funny on it?  And is photography able to find it?