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Petr Strbačka and his Tuscany 2011 Fogs reached the OAFF Photo Award title

3. 6. 2016
Another of three Czechs, who succeeded in worldwide competition of international competition OAFF Photo Award 2016 is Peter Strbačka. He reached among the best ones with his picture “Tuscany 2011 Fogs” in Open Color category and won FIAP Bronze Medal. What was his immediate reaction after achieving such success?

Foto: Petr Strbačka - Tuscany 2011 Fogs

Are you happy about your success in the category Open Color?
I am very pleased with winning of FIAP Bronze Medal, because I really like this picture. And also because it is included in my limited selling edition PSLE, which excels wonderfully worked on canvas, mainly thanks to the special texture of the material. Interesting fact is, that I sent the same picture in another international competition, but however it didn´t reached the acceptance. It means, that every jury has different opinion, it is worth it to believe in yourself and your talent and send picture in other competition and succeed elsewhere.

How long are you being photographer?
I discovered photography in high school, but I deal seriously with photography since 2008.

Foto: Petr Strbačka - portrait

What is your photographic dream?
I would like to visit, learn, understand, and first of all take pictures of other countries, their cultures and people who live there.

The main theme of OAFF 2017 will be Natural Forces. What do they mean to you?

I see natural forces as a fire, air, water and earth, which together represent the indomitable and often destructive force of nature. For photographers it is certainly interesting to take pictures of fires, tornadoes, floods and volcanic eruptions, but I've never photographed anything like this. The only exception was devastating flood in the Czech Republic in August 2002.