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Czechs succeeded in OAFF Photo Award. How does it Marek Juras feel?

19. 5. 2016
We have already informed you that three Czech photographers succeeded in international photographic competition OAFF Photo Award 2016. But what was the reaction of those who achieved prestigious titles? We asked them for you. The first one, who shares his feelings about his success, is Marek Juras, holder of title FIAP Blue Ribbon for his photo “Exhibit”.

Foto: Marek Juras - Exhibit

Are you excited about your success in the category Open Color?
It pleased me very much! It was such an unexpected surprise because it was my first attempt to take part in similar competitions. It's a great boost to improve myself and keep shooting. I also sent photos to other competitions sponsored by the FIAP. There are dozens of them around the world. It's a big challenge and an opportunity to present ourselves.

How long are you being photographer?
I am taking pictures intensely and purposefully about two years. Everything started buying first SLR. Since then, I try to see in the viewfinder “my” world. I love it so much and it fills me completely.

Foto: Marek Juras - portrait

What is your photographic dream?
My colleague and photographer had responded to a similar question with beautiful idea, which I would like to paraphrase ... One day I would like to invite my friends into coffee house all covered by my photos. We can debate about creation and listen to jazz music. And in the evening they all would have carried their favorite photos home. It is beautiful fancy, isn´t it?

The main theme of OAFF 2017 will be Natural Forces. What do they mean to you?

Natural forces are an inexhaustible source of energy, inspiration and creativity. You can find the most incredible moments in nature with wide range of compositional rules. Nature is the most photogenic model and its elements are secret weapons, which seduce us.