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Celebration of photography and film at summer cinema in Prague

8. 6. 2016
On Tuesday, June 14 there will be a celebration of inseparable siblings - photography and film in Prague. This evening is prepared together by OAFF, Czech Press Photo, the National Film Archive, festival Photosphere and Summer cinema Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (Freight Railway Station Žižkov). This all leads to one goal – interesting accompanying programme. What can you look forward to?

Foto: Summer cinema Nákladové nádraží Žižkov

Programme begins at 7:30 pm with pleasant entertainment. Combination of beautiful industrial area of Freight Station Žižkov and sunset is ideal for photographing. So be sure to take your cameras with you. Guests will be guided through public and non-public space of the Freight Station Žižkov by photographer Jan Hodač, author of industrial photographic project Fabrika Bohemica and founder of project HOLEŠOVICE NOW.

And here we have surprise for you. "Take a picture and win ticket" - that is the title of our challenge we prepared with Summer cinema Freight Station Žižkov. And what you have to do? Take a picture of industrial Freight Station Žižkov and send it to organisers. They will choose the best ones, and their authors will receive a free ticket to this the summer cinema. It is worth it, isn´t it?

The main part of this evening will be award ceremony of international photographic competition OAFF Photo Award 2016 including projection of awarded pictures. Garik Avanesian, the Chairman of jury and also Chairman of the Czech Federation of Art Photography (ČFFU) will personally give awards to winners.

The other projection will be about look back to second year of Open Air Foto Festival 2015 in Český Krumlov, visitors will also see unique short silent movie about city Český Krumlov, filmed 80 years ago.

Also Czech Press Photo organised competition of videos in 2015. Seven awarded films in this videosection are:

Tomáš Rafa, Krytyka Polityczna – Shelling in Donetsk (Winner of the category „ONLINE SPOT NEWS AND GENERAL NEWS!)

Jarmila Štuková, Andrej Štuk – Two pockets in one pair of trousers (Honourable Mention in category „ONLINE SPOT NEWS AND GENERAL NEWS“)

Vavřinec Menšl, Česká televize – One crown Bedřiška from jail

Lenka Klicperová, Jarmila Štuková, Olga Šilhová, Markéta Kutilová – The indomitable

Michaela Hrubá, NTM – New York. Really?

Jarmila Štuková, Andrej Štuk – Skateboarding in Bangladesh

Milan Šíma – Escape from hell

Czech Press Photo will also present news for next season. More information on new website:

After all projections there will be time for music by DJ Martin Da Moon. Nice evening can continue all night long...

Enter to this event is for free. But don´t forget to take some money to buy some beautiful photografic publications :-)

We can´t wait to see you.

When: Tuesday, 14. 6. 2016, from 7:30 pm

Where: Summer cinema Nákladové nádraží Žižkov (Freight Railway Station Žižkov, Želivského 2, Prague 3