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Calamity in High Tatras brought Ján Zahornacký an international title

11. 6. 2016
Don´t worry, this is not the current weather forecast. Photo "Calamity - High Tatras 2004" created by Ján Zahornacký from Kroměříž, Czech Republic brought him FIAP Blue Ribbon title in international photographic competition OAFF Photo Award in category "Natural Forces. He managed to succeed among many foreign competitors and became the third Czech who reached the title. Congratulations.

Foto: Ján Zahornacký (Calamity - High Tatras 2004)

Are you happy about your success in the category Natural Forces?
Recently, I have exposed about 150 photos in several photo salons around the world and I have gained many medals and diplomas. But I am very proud that I was awarded in international competition organized by Czech Republic. It is a great honor. But interesting is fact, that my photo in this contest in “Natural Forces" theme is not typical for me. I prefer more poetic photos of landscape.

How long are you being photographer?
I have been taking pictures since I was a child, but I´m dealing with really creative and emotive photographs since 1970. I graduated at Institute of Creative Photography in Brno, I studied there from 1974 to 1977. Currently I am a member of the Photography Club in Kroměříž, Czech Republic.

Foto: Ján Zahornacký - self-potrait

What is your photographic dream?
My dream is to have enough money to travel and visit interesting areas around the world, where is still pure and untouched nature.

The main theme of OAFF 2017 will be Natural Forces. What do they mean to you?

Landscape is beautiful and it can create beautiful scenery. Not only nature lovers, but also photographers appreciate that. Nature can be interesting and beautiful and also dangerous and cruel at the same time. I know it from my own experience, I have lived in the mountains for 20 years as a member of the Mountain Rescue Service and since 1987 I have been surfing very often. During these years I have witnessed situations where natural forces have shown their strength. My photo from OAFF Photo Award, “Calamity – High Tatras 2004” comes from this period.