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Obligatory rules for visitors of the Open Air FOTO festival

The rules are obligatory for all visitors of the Open Air Foto Festival, which takes place in June 2018 (further also as “festival”), regardless of the type of entrance ticket or accreditation.

The organizer of the festival is company Innovate, s.r.o., Reg.Nr. 267 05 745, Praha 4, U strže 150/1, Post Code 140 00 (further also as “organizer”). Organizer is entitled to appoint an organization service, which will supervise a course of the festival and observing the festival rules.

Admission is allowed only to visitors with a valid entrance ticket or photography registration, and to those over 18 years old, proved by their valid ID with a photo of its holder.

A visitor without a purchased photography accreditation is not allowed to take any audio or video recording. In case of suspicious behaviour, the visitor will be excluded from the area, without compensation. In front of the photo stages, the visitor without accreditation is obliged to vacate a space for the primary accredited photographers, namely upon request of these or instruction of organizers.

Admission to the area with pets is allowed, animals must be kept on a lead. If a visitor´s animal behaves dangerously, endangers or restricts other visitors, will be excluded from the event. 

Visitors are obliged to follow instructions of organisers. In case of breaking the rules or organizers instructions, organizes is entitled to exclude the visitor from the festival area and not to enable re-entry, without any compensation.

When entering the area, every visitor is marked by a coloured wrist band according to the type of entrance ticket. If leaving and repeating to the area, the visitor must show this wrist band. The wrist band is non-transferable. In case of the wrist band damage, the visitor will not be allowed to re-entry the festival, without any compensation.

For security reasons, smoking and open fire in marquees and in the whole castle area is not permitted.

Bringing alcoholic beverages, drugs, knives and other weapons or dangerous subjects to the castle area is strictly forbidden. Organizer reserves the right to check visitors on the first entry to the festival area, for the purpose of avoiding bringing prohibited subjects to the festival area.

During the festival, audio and video recordings will be taken, By entering the area, the visitor gives his/her utter consent that photos, films or video recordings of his/her person, taken during the festival or in connection with it, can be used by any current or future technical method, without any financial compensation and in unlimited time.

Visitors under obvious strong effect of alcohol or drugs can be guided by organisers out of the area without compensation and no re-entry will be enabled to them.

Visitors not keeping the area tidy, throwing litter outside marked dustbins, fouling or damaging the event area can be guided by organisers out of the area without compensation and no re-entry will be enabled to them.

Visitors are responsible for their personal things. In case of valuables loss, report to organisers who will help to find it by announcing from the stage. Organisers are not responsible for any visitors´ property damage

Organisers are not responsible for possible injuries occurring during the festival Visitors enter at their own risk.

Visitors are obliged to behave in the festival so that any injury or property damage of other visitors, performers or organizers does not occur.

OAFF supports tolerance to each other. Everybody, who comes to enjoy the festival, is expected to be kind to other people. Consent of the other person is always crucial. OAFF offers an environment supporting erotic overtones, but participants are obliged to follow strict codes of behaviour. To touch anybody (mainly models or hostesses) without permission or any other form of harassment is strictly forbidden. Respectful and tolerant behaviour is a prerequisite for all good entertainment. We expect this from all visitors. Enjoy yourself and respect others.

Anybody not following the festival rules or etiquette, will be excluded from the festival without compensation.

Organizer of the festival reserves the right to change the festival programme, both before opening the festival and during its course.

The rules will be published at the festival website and will be displayed at the entry to the festival area.



Only pets considered as „peaceful“are allowed to enter the festival accompanied by their owner. However, we do not recommend bringing animals to the festival. It is best to leave it at home or use the services of pet minders. If you still decide to take your pet with you, you must bring all following items:

1) valid certificates of rabies vaccination, not older than one year

2) identification data (legible tattoo or microchip)

3) lead, muzzle, dog-collar and tag with phone number of the owner, who must be available and contactable during the festival.

Above mentioned items will be checked by the organisers on entering the area. If any items are missing, the animal will not be allowed to enter. By allowing the animal to enter the festival, visitor agrees to have the animal on a lead and muzzled for the whole duration of the festival. Organiser reserves the right to decide on whether or not to let the animals in, with the exception of guide dogs.  

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