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Český Krumlov is the co-organizer

Cosmopolitan town listed by UNESCO. With fairy-tale atmosphere, splendid architecture with the castle dominant above the Vltava River meander. Small pubs, cafes, and medieval pubs. Exhibitions, theatres, and concerts.


FOTO: Prokop Zdeněk

Český Krumlov is  town

  • of cultural heritage

300 monuments in the historical centre, the second biggest castle complex in the Czech Republic included in the UNESCO´s list of monuments, the oldest baroque theatre in the world.

  • of art and culture

Egon Schiele Art Centrum, International Art Gallery, seven  museums and  four galleries, many small shops with work of art, five music festivals, theatre festival, revolving auditorium.

  • of many experiences

historical festivities, taste of beer in the local brewery, rafting in the Vltava river, nights tours of the town, culinary specialities

  • of congress and incentive tourism

conference rooms, 5* and 4*hotels, exclusive historical premises, castle gardens, sport and historical games, culinary experiences

  • with a beautiful nature

a hilly landscape suitable for hiking, cycling, horse ridings, golf, rafting and water travelling in the Vltava River, near the recreation facility of the Lipno reservoir, nature conservation area Blansky Forrest, National park Šumava 

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