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About the festival



Open Air Foto Festival is Europe's largest showcase of photographic opportunities. The third edition of the festival will be held in the Český Krumlov, which is co-organizer of the event.

Biennial event

Watch the video of the 1st year
of the Open-Air PHOTO festival

The biggest European show of photographic opportunities

17 festival locations / 54 photo stages /
2000 visitors/ 18 photo genres / 98 photo models
120 lectures / 50 practical workshops
36 partners / 30 personalities / 21 exhibitions

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Festival flashbacks

Festival flashbacks

They wrote and said about us

"„I feel in my bones that something great was born... Simply, instead of the watchword „COME TO SEE“ now it is „COME TO TAKE PICTURES“ " /

"A generous event, which became the real and perfect feast of photography and photographs!" /Fotolab/

"Magnet for both tourists and photographers. New view opens round every corner" /

"Two days of sheer photographic joy..." /Ladislava Tichá/

What is the plan?

The second year will be more photogenic

Český Krumlov will liven up with photography again
on 5. – 7. 6.2015

The most photogenic event in the town streets as a biennial
Extended cooperation with schools of arts
Professional equipment, decorations, models, and meetings with experts and photographs

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Český Krumlov

The co-organizer is the town
listed by UNESCO

Český Krumlov is full of (not only) photographic experiences

Cosmopolitan town with fairy-tale atmosphere
Splendid architecture with the castle dominant above the Vltava river meander
Small pubs, cafes, and medieval pubs
Exhibitions, theatres, and concerts

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Foto: Archiv OAFF


This event, which has no analogues in the photographic world, received an enthusiastic response both from the ranks of professionals, performers, partners, media and visitors to the city itself. During three days in Český Krumlov, which is listed by UNESCO, meet professionals, fans and people moving behind and in front of the camera. At one point there is a meeting, sharing experience and developing knowledge.


What is the Open Air Foto Festival?
Open Air Foto Festival is a specialized art festival that combines adventure format with interactive learning. Active shooting in the historical setting of the city precedes the educational part where all underway Friday lectures, workshops, exhibitions of technological innovations, discussions with experts and fotoporadny. Although it is at the forefront of photos, mingle with other art genres of theater through clothing design to set design. Visitors can enrich both their knowledge, as well as its portfolio of remarkable photographs.


Involvement art schools
The second edition of festival came with the news. Cooperation was expanded by the competition ART ROOM 2015, and the participation of domestic and foreign secondary schools. The aim was not only to introduce young talent to professionals and photographers, but the art of cultivating and educating the average visitor. Winning installations were part of the program, which led to a confrontation with another environment. In 2015 and 2016 traveling exhibition will be held in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Guarantor of the competition is St. Agnes Secondary school, who has already participated in the first edition of the festival.


The main theme of the 3rd year
In the first year festival was focused on the human. Theme of the second edition was Man and addiction.

Festival partners

  • St. Agnes Secondary school
  • Museum Fotoatelier Seidel
  • FotoKrumlov
  • Fotoklub Český Krumlov

The co-organizer is

  • town Český Krumlov